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Modular Extraction Unit

Dimensions: M200 40' length x 20' width x 10' height.
Sample use case: Ethanol or Co2 extraction and processing (C1D2).
Complete with electrical panels and hook ups for water and drainage.
Floor plan can be adjusted to fit different extraction or distillation equipment stacks.
The drawing package comes complete with concrete pad and will be adjusted to your needs.
The completed modular units ship out as 40' x 10' x 10' and will be installed by our M Systems team.

Our standard M200 product is manufactured in 40′ x 10′ x 10′ components and shipped from our factory to your site for installation. The standard footprint of M200 is 800 square feet with a flexible floor plan to fit your needs. Our larger model, the M400, can be up to 2000 square feet in the 50′ x 40′ x 10′ configuration.

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