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Building or expanding your manufacturing facility can be both costly and very time consuming when you follow the traditional construction route. 

This is where we come in. We are M Systems Group. We design and install efficient modular environments for companies working to develop new innovative and therapeutic products utilizing Cannabinoids as a core ingredient.

We understand the industry and have direct experience operating processing laboratories in North America. Over the past several years, we have built our network specifically to enable faster facility and operational deployments. This network is here to support your growth in a global world where your network, access to data, and speed is everything.

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About M Systems Group
About M Systems Group
Erlend Wilhelmsen

CEO M Systems Group


Floor Plans & Equipment Stack

First, we work closely with your team to develop all the required details for the facility to support your specific business and operational requirements. M Systems Group will execute the facility design and deliver all the necessary design documents – including a complete design package for your County or City submittals.


Equipment & Unique Components

With design settled, we procure all materials, equipment and unique components for your system. We quickly manufacture the Modular System to be delivered to your site for Installation.


Install System Onsite

Finally, we install the systems on site and provide detailed instructions for site vendors for site/MEP integration. After complete installation, we inspect the work completed by general contractors and electrical/mechanical vendors for quality control.

Partners in the
M Systems and
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